Discover the possibilities for your home

Stretch ceilings – the perfect ceiling in your home.

We will find the best solution for every room

Especially in an open living area you can create your individual living area with different surfaces and colours. For example, a lacquered stretch ceiling in the kitchen and a matt ceiling in the dining room.

And the best of all, installing a stretch ceiling, won’t take any longer than one day!

Choose the best ceiling for your bathroom – increase your wellness

The special manufacturing process of the stretch foils offers best conditions for damp and wet rooms. Stretch ceilings are waterproof and even a high level of humidity does not produce water drops on the stretch ceiling as the material is adjusting itself to the room temperature.

Working with preferred colours, maybe choosing an illustrated stretch ceiling or integrating lights in the stretch ceiling will turn your bathroom to a real wellness-area.

Modern stretch ceilings offer the possibility to install a starry sky or an illuminated ceiling with changing colours. You might even mount a radio or speakers underneath the stretch ceiling.

Relaxing in your bathroom becomes a special event.

Stretch ceilings in the kitchen

Ergonomic working is very important, especially in the kitchen. With stretch ceilings you have endless possibilities to illuminate your kitchen they way you need it. Especially spotlights lighten exactly the needed working area.

How about greasy spots which may appear after cooking on a kitchen ceiling? A stretch ceiling is very easy to clean. Just remove dirt and grease stains with our spray. Never again any remaining dirty patches or welts on the ceiling and no repainting will ever be needed any more.

Ceiling hoods and cooking hoods are easy to integrate in your new ceiling system.