Illuminated stretch ceilings

Special design with illuminated stretch ceilings

Experience modest lightening with our translucent stretch ceilings. Unilluminated stretch ceilings offer a touch of frosted glass and illuminated stretch ceilings convince with a homogeneously light. Glass ceilings with a similar effect are much heavier and even much more expensive than stretch ceilings.

Printed illuminated stretch ceilings are the very special top item at stretch ceilings.

We bring your favoured picture on your ceiling or on your wall.

VOCIL illuminated ceiling

Illumation with light ceilings brings a homogeneous lighting.


  • optimised light diffusion
  • low weight of 180-220 g/m²
  • waterproof
  • 10 years warranty
  • longlife product
  • self-supporting
  • CE tested
  • easy to remove for renovations
  • colour stability

Width of the translucent stretch ceiling without welding:

T5077 und T5001 – stretched 2200mm – not stretched 2000mm

T5240 – stretched 2400mm – not stretched 2000mm