Installation supply for your stretch ceilings

You will find all supply needed to mount a stretch ceiling.

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VOCIL supply

more than 90% of all products are always on stock


All VOCIL profiles are tested on the perfect installation. Our sales team will be pleased to help you finding the best profile for your room.

PVC profiles / plastic profiles

Aluminium profiles

Special profiles

Cold welding

Specially developpeld cold welding product


Harpoon to alter or change the shape when having any damages at the very edge or when changes of the room happen

Care of Stretch ceiling

Specially developped cleaner, perfectly matched for the care of stretch ceilings.


You will find all needed tools for the stretch ceiling installation in our range.

Supporting construction

for lights, fire Alarms, cooker hoods.

We will be pleased to advise you.

Reinforcement rings

plastic rings to create openings for the lights. On stock in standard sizes. Reinforcement rings for special productions can be produced on requirement.

Smoke detector / heat alarm

perfectly matched for the installation of stretch ceilings.

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VOCIL training courses

You want to become a professional stretch ceiling installer? Every craftsmen company may become a professional stretch ceiling installer. Stretch ceilings may lead you to new clients and a second income.