Lighting supply

Lightening systems

Brighten up your ceiling

Modern times need modern solutions. Designing a room includes today special light systems to create different impressions of a room.

Matching to your ceiling constructions you will find supporting constructions, lights, transformers, LED stripes and further more.

Your ceiling in the best light


The VOCIL will be pleased to provide you with many ideas and possibilities

Movable recessed spotlights

Different types of movable recessed spotlights available

LED flexible

Best solution to set accent lighting, cove lighting, etc.

Supply for flexible LEDS


Meanwell LED Transformatoren 12 V + 24 V

Smoke detector and heat alarm

Supporting constructions for lighting

VOCIL training courses

You want to become a professional stretch ceiling installer? Every craftsmen company may become a professional stretch ceiling installer. Stretch ceilings may lead you to new clients and a second income.

VOCIL offers more than only just advice: