VOCIL – one ceiling – one team

A powerful team at your disposal

On our modern production area with 2.000m² we produce with more than 20 employees in Oberthulba stretch ceilings and illuminated stretch ceilings with high quality.

At your disposal:

  • Our sales team, answering all questions about planning your project
  • Our production team, producing your stretch ceiling according to your indications
  • Our distribution team, packing your order carefully and getting it on its way

We would be pleased to welcome you for a visit in Oberthulba.

We look forward to meet you!


10 years warranty

An exciting future with VOCIL stretch ceilings

Meet the VOCIL team:

Oliver Vogel

Oliver Vogel – owner and founder of VOCIL

Oliver Vogel, trendsetter of the company. He’s your contact for projects and provides you with technical advice.

René Schindlmeier

René Schindlmeier - Betriebsleiter

René Schindlmeier your contact for technical questions. He will support you at the calculation and sale of your stretch ceilings.

Sonja Edelmann

Sonja Edelmann - accountant / financial department

Sonja Edelmann is responsible for the financial accounting and general correspondence.

Ramona Pfrang

Ramona Pfrang - technical drawings

Ramona Pfrang draws your ceilings and prepares the plans for the production. She is also responsible for customs support.

Sonja Fritz

Sonja Fritz - customs support and national and international customer service

Sonja Fritz is your contact in the national and international customer service as well as customer support. She will also provide you with all details about trainings.

René Dittmar

René Dittmar - Media design

René Dittmar is responsible for the marketing, print media as well as printed stretch ceilings.

Jorgelina Buttitta

Jorgelina Buttitta - Production

Jorgelina Buttitta is responsible for the production of your stretch ceiling as well as packing and preparing of the shipment.

Peter Henrich

Peter Henrichs Production

Peter Henrichs is responsible for the production of your stretch ceiling as well as packing and preparing of the shipment.

Zoltan Bischof

Zoltan Bischof - Production

Zoltan Bischof is responsible for the production of your stretch ceiling.

Jörg Kriegsmann

Jörg Meister-Kriegsmann - professional stretch ceiling installer and training course instructor

Jörg Meister-Kriegsmann is your contact during the training courses. He teaches you in theory and praxis and shows you, how to install a stretch ceiling professionally. With many years of experience he can teach you all you need to know.

Jochen Kraft

Jochen Kraft - professional stretch ceiling installer

Jochen Kraft can help you with all your questions all around measuring until installation

Sina Hofmann

Sina Trost - “technische Konfektionärin“

Sina Trost is “technischer Konfektionär”. She knows how to cut, weld and assemble the stretch ceilings. Sina passed her apprenticeship in our company with distinction.

Alexander Enzmann

Alexander Enzmann - production manager / Safety officer

Alexander Enzmann is production manager and gets the stretch ceilings into the desired shapes. He is responsible for the quality check.

Stefanie Klueber

Stefanie Klüber customer support

Stefanie Klüber is your contact for all customer services

Stretch ceilings are exciting - experience the difference
with stretch ceilings from VOCIL