Lighting systems and ceiling installations for stretch ceilings

Light suitable to the room

Earlier this century there was a light placed in the middle of the room and the lighting was completed.
Modern design requires modern light solutions. There are no limits to your requests with our many different lighting systems.

Modern times need modern solutions. Designing a room includes today special light systems to create different impressions of a room. VOCIL stretch ceilings are perfect to include lighting in a ceiling or behind a ceiling.

Planning a new light system in your rooms will make it possible to create different moods with the light. Similar to colours can light change rooms, bring rooms alive or make them quietly.

LULED LED profile with LED strips

roomlighting in different light colours, from warm to cold with individual positioning – light suitable to every room

Backlight ceiling – the invisible light gap

The hidden light gap all around your room. The perfect solution for small rooms with individual light effects.

LED shadow gap

A lighted shadow gap realised with the stretch ceiling profiles LUDEC or KADEC creating a homogen room- or walllighting. ​

NOBILE recessed spot lights

The spot lights suit perfectly into our ceiling design and enables an individual positioning. Available colours in chrom, chrom matt, gold, brushed nickel and white.​

Smoke detector

Perfectly matching for the stretch ceiling installation

Heat alarm

With a golf ball size of only 4,9 cm, our smoke and heat detectors fit perfectly into the room, discreetly and unobtrusively.

Your ceiling in the right light

Our VOCIL team will be pleased to advise you