In no time your favourite picture on the wall

The self-adhesive textile with mat and individual printed top. Perfect for changing sales promotions, product presentations and wall decoration.

VOCITEX brings your favourite motif on the wall – no matter if it is your office, kitchen, bedroom or living room! Be creative and design your home according to your ideas with VOCITEX textile. You might even print your own photos on VOCITEX or you create your personal window privacy screen. There is no limits for your ideas – you might use VOCITEX like a wall paper or you just use VOCITEX for small pictures.

Made in Germany

Self-adhesive VOCITEX textile

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New possibilities and flexibility

VOCITEX as advertising banner

Perfect for changing sales promotions or changing ranges as well as the introduction of new products. Get your clients attention with shop window advertising or place your “business card” well seen on the shop window. Present products or stories on your walls creating a special atmosphere.

This and many more possibilities presents VOCITEX – the most flexible possibility to match your look to your changing activities.

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Design in your home

VOCITEX on the wall

Bring your favourite motif fast and uncomplicated on the wall. You have a new designed home with less work input as when you have to paint your rooms. And VOCITEX pictures can be removed and replaced in short time. Perfect for changing moods in your childrens room. Change the room from a babies room to a a grownup room.

Stick your preferred holiday place on the wall, or your favourite pictures or even your favourite pattern. Or you change your childrens room into a dreamworld.

What exactly is VOCITEX?

VOCITEX is THE best alternative to wall paper. Self-adhesive and ready to stick is VOCITEX saving time and enables clean and fast work. The great adhesive sticks on many surfaces, removable, reusable, without any loss of the adhesive. Can be used at home as well as for business projects.
VOCITEX is available in the versions Clear and Opaque and will be produced in the required shape and colours.

VOCITEX is tested on fire class B1 and can therefore be used in business and public rooms.

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offers a flexible one-sided print, perfect to bring your motif on the wall. Fast, clean and at any time removable without any bubbles or wrinkles in the textile. Material: slightly structured, tearproof, translucent.
Adhesive side can be on front or back.

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offers a one-sided print for walls or windows with an opaque backside, perfect to hide fast and clean unwanted surfaces.
Material: velvety, even, tearproof, opaque
Adhesive side can be on front or back.

Example: VOCITEX "clear"

Example VOCITEX-motife "clear"

No limits to creativity

VOCITEX Motifs may be sticked on many smoove surfaces, not only one-sided prints are possible, but also opaque bothsided prints. You can choose, if you prefer to have the adhesive side on the front or back side. Individual shapes are also possible.

Example VOCITEX-motife "clear" with individual shape

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