New and innovativ

self-adhesive textile

Fast installation on a wall

VOCITEX textile with self-adhesiv coating, matt surface and individual printing. Perfect for changing sales activities, presentations as well as decorations. 

We bring your favourite motif on the wall – no matter if it is an office, a kitchen, children’s room or living room. Be creative and design your room according to your ideas with the VOCITEX textile. You might even print your own photo on the VOCITEX textile or design your privacy protection for your windows. There are no limits to your creativity – no matter if you prefer small webs or big pictures covering almost the whole wall.

Made in Germany



New possibilities and flexibility

VOCITEX as advertising banner

VOCITEX may perfectly be used for changing sales presentations, discount campaigns and news presentations for windows and doors. You can create attractive layouts in shop windows or on building sites, you may cover the shop windows with your “business card” and hide the building site until it is finished. Products and stories of your company may be introduced to visitors in a changing rhythm. 

Many possibilities combined with great modification flexibility with VOCITEX. It makes sales activities flexible and easy to handle. 


Design at home

VOCITEX – your motif textile

VOCITEX – an easy and flexible way to bring your pictures on the wall. Without renovating, without wallpapers, in a few seconds you can change your room atmosphere. And you have even the possibility to change your picture and replace it with another when you want, as often you want to. The perfect idea for changing moods in children’s rooms. Or you change the children’s room in a few minutes into a room for a teenager. 

Bring your favourite motif on the wall or change your children’s room into a dream world. 

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VOCITEX is the best alternative to wallpaper. Fast and clean mounting because it is ready to stick – no preparation needed. The self-adhesive VOCITEX sticks on many surfaces, may be new positioned and refixed without any loss of adhesive. As it is uncomplicated to use, it might be used at home as well as in business rooms for changing sales activities and decorations. 

VOCITEX is available in the versions CLEAR and OPAQUE and can be printed with any motif you would like to have in any shape as desired. 

VOCITEX is B1 tested and might be therefore also used in business rooms.


offers you a flexible one-sided print. Just perfect, to bring your favourite motif on the wall. Fast and clean mounting, repositionable without any wrinkles. 

Material: slightly structured, tear-resistant, translucent

Adhesive: might be applied on front or back 


offers a one-sided print with an opaque backside – perfect to hide bad foundations 

Material: soft, smoove, tear-resistant, translucent 

Adhesive: on front- and backside possible 

VOCITEX webs "clear"

VOCITEX motif "clear"

No limits to your creativity

VOCITEX motifs might be placed on many smooth surfaces, with the possibility to have it printed on one side, opaque back…. You can choose, if the adhesive side should be on the front- or on the backside. Individual shapes can be chosen.

VOCITEX motif with individual shape

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