Exceptional design with light ceilings

Elegant ceilings with an inconspicuous lighting. The activated light ceiling brings a special highlight with the hidden lights in every room. The inactivated light ceiling shows a gentle cloudy look. Compared with glass ceilings – the foil of the stretch ceiling is much lighter and is not that expensive.

Optimal lighting concept

with homogeneous illumination

with low dead weight

and no static requirements

Also convincing when switched off

with a frosted glass character

or a motif of your choice

as a photo print light ceiling

Enjoy the effect of light celings:

Printed light ceilings are the highlight of every room. Imagine, having your favourite motif printed on a lighted ceiling. This is very special. The high quality of modern printers provides you with clear pictures.

Enjoy staying at home

wouldn’t it be great to own your own home cinema? One of our niche products is the sophisticated home cinema system.
A symbiosis of selected products that offer a room design at the highest level of entertainment.

We plan, realise and create home cinemas.
… Let the premiere begin.

The light ceiling

is the best solution for a great distribution of light on huge spaces. The homogen lighting and light scattering is just great. The translucent light foil meets all requirements of a light diffusor.