Sustainability is very important for us!


we intend today and in future to minimize energy and to improve sustainability in all areas.

For the environment

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We generate our own electricity

… from renewable energies.
Generating our own solar power protects the environment.
A photovoltaic system generates more power than was used to produce all of the components during its operating time of about twenty years.

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Energy efficiency

We have less energy consumption due to our modern machines. And an environmentally friendly way of working is also very important to us.
Less emissions because of reduced energy consumption.

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Together with our leading German foil supplier, we can grant that our certified stretch ceilings contain a recycled content of at least 20%.

We also collect offcuts, get them pressed and recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

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Improvement of shipment

The packaging needs to offer several technical functions, such as product protection, transportation, storage and easy handling. We regularly work on improving the technical properties of our packaging – We regularly try to improve the technical functions of our packaging – and keep also sustainability in mind!

With our recently implemented packaging optimization we can reduce packaging up to 20%.
Minimizing packaging and having a sustainable packaging solution remains our intention.

“As much packaging a necessary – but as less as possible!”