VOCIL stretch ceilings

The perfect ceiling – for your next project

You are planning to build a new building or want to renovate? Or a you looking for a innovate ceiling solution?

So, this is where to look at: VOCIL stretch ceilings will create a very special feeling in all of your rooms. You will find the perfect solution for every room without almost any limit to your design ideas. There are over 100 different colours and surfaces you can choose of. An almost unlimited range of special forms are possible. Outer corners, sloping roofs or trapdoors in ceilings won’t cause any obstruction. Stretch ceilings present the best solution for rooms with high humidity and suit therefore perfectly in bathrooms, home pools and home spas. Stretch ceilings combined with a thought out lighting concept will convince with a special room feeling. 

Convincing advantages

Exciting variety

the different stretch ceiling surfaces:

Lacquered stretch ceilings/High gloss stretch ceilings

Glossy stretch ceilings convince with a special surface with high reflexion

Satined stretch ceilings/matt stretch ceilings

The classic stretch ceiling. Simple elegance with impeccable surface – matt stretch ceiling suits in every room.

Illustrated stretch ceilings / printed stretch ceilings

Design without any limit – Everybody knows pictures on the wall, but you can do more! Bring your favourite picture on the wall or ceiling and create a new room impression.

Illuminated stretch ceilings

Light ceilings. elegant ceilings with an inconspicuous lighting. The activated light ceiling brings a special highlight with the hidden lights in every room. The inactivated light ceiling shows a gentle cloudy look.

Acoustic stretch ceilings

VOCIL acoustic stretch ceilings with the invisible acoustic comfort set no limits to your design.

Special forms

Special forms with stretch and light ceilings enable a fascinating architectonical design.

10 years warranty

we grant for it

Made in Germany

we produce only in Germany

Our own training center

be perfectly qualified

Fast delivery

our team on the spot for your order

Expert advice

our trained team is pleased to help you

Long time experience

we find the best solution

Discover all possibilities in different rooms….

VOCIL – your stretch ceiling producer in Germany

VOCIL stretch ceilings, located in Oberthulba, district Bad Kissingen, counts to the leading stretch ceiling producers in Germany.
According to client requests we produce stretch ceilings, high gloss stretch ceilings, illuminated stretch ceilings, illustrated stretch ceilings and acoustic stretch ceilings. There is a big range of over 100 colours and surfaces to be chosen of.
But there is not only the stretch ceiling production and distribution, but also all products needed for the installation, the lightning and the care of stretch ceilings. Oliver Vogel, owner and managing director, focuses especially the technical and the sales development, our VOCIL sales team provides support for any request and the training courses in house offer you monthly chances to learn how to install a stretch ceiling yourself.
Discover exciting solutions for your projects with VOCIL stretch ceilings.
Oliver Vogel and the VOCIL team

Need more information? Interested in an offer? Do you have more questions about stretch ceilings?