Please find here the answers to the most asked questions to light- and stretch ceilings, installation, care, material, etc.

The main difference to other conventional ceiling systems is the special suspension of stretch ceilings. The suspension is only fixed with harpoons at the very edge of the room. Lighting systems and sound systems may be integrated in the stretch ceiling.

VOCIL stretch ceilings offer modern designs and decorations for your home.

The price of a stretch ceiling depends on many different facts, such as: room size, room shape and chosen foil.
We will be pleased to send you an offer as soon as we know all room measures and which foil you have chosen.


Stretch ceilings are made of a polymer foil. This is a special plastic mixture without any health concerns, used for many years already in the food and medical industry.

Your old ceiling will not be changed, as the new stretch ceilings will be mounted on top. Your new stretch ceiling will be installed very fast and without any dirt.

Yes, stretch ceilings are the best solution for damp locations. The special production of stretch ceilings offers the best possibilities for damp locations. Stretch ceilings are waterproof and even a high level of humidity does not produce water drops on the stretch ceiling as the material is adjusting itself to the room temperature.


Stretch ceilings act antistatic and dustproof when stretched. As dust and dirt do not stick on the stretch ceiling, you receive a healthy indoor environment and best conditions for bed rooms.

A room with a glossy stretch ceiling might make your room appear even larger. Therefore, it might be the best solution to install high gloss stretch ceilings into small rooms.
Matt stretch ceilings are the best way for your ceiling in the living room. You won’t have any reflection of TV pictures on your ceiling.
A combination of both possibilities will create an optical separation of large and open rooms.
But it is always a matter of taste which kind of stretch ceiling you will choose.

All stretch ceiling foils have a limited width. Therefore, we need to weld the single tracks together to realize a bigger room. But welding seams are hardly visible and their tensile strength is tested before leaving the production.

Stretch ceilings require little maintenance. They act antistatic and are dustfree. Should any dirty spots occur, please remove them with the special VOCIL cleaner.

The way to start: with a plan of your room (ceiling) View from top. We need the exact measures of your room, the amount of corners (inner- and outer corners), are there any circles, cut outs or pillars? What colour will you choose?

Next step: the ceiling gets drawn by our planning office, 👩‍💻 digitaly recorded and then reduced.

The chosen ceiling colour gets prepared, the digital record will be transfered via laser to the stretch ceiling film. The technical “Konfektioktionäre” cut now the film according to the laser picture. ✂️

Then the harpoon will be welded to the film (the harpoon will fix the film in to the profile. .

First check after the welding. 🔎 Only after all the quality checks the stretch ceiling receives a certificate. 📃 Only with this certificate you will get the 10 years warranty on your stretch ceiling.

Next step: shipment

The stretch ceilings get carefully wrapped and then send to your professional stretch ceiling installer.