Stretch ceilings – invest in your future

Did you know, that actually only 2% of the ceiling market consists of stretch ceilings? That’s where you can find your perfect commercial potential. If you decide to extend your offer with the stretch ceiling installation, you will definitely have a product in your range, that can not be offered in a DIY store.

Are you a professional installer? An architect? Or a crafts business, which is interested in stretch ceiling installation?

VOCIL provides you with:

VOCIL is your right partner!

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Increase your sales –

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Marketing and advertising - VOCIL will support you!

Sales begins with customer service and ends with the installation of the stretch ceiling. Advertising material and company image supports your sales arguments. We offer different actions to support you with your marketing and your company design.

VOCIL professional stretch ceiling courses

Every crafts company may get the qualification for a professional stretch ceiling installer. Stretch ceilings enable you to get new clients and provide you with a second income.

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More than just advice from VOCIL

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