A high gloss stretch ceiling in your business premises?

Perfect! The external image of public locations got very important. A stylish and modern design proofs proficiency. And stretch ceilings offer great solutions for acoustic and lighting difficulties. Working in a relaxing atmosphere with a stylish light- or with a special designed ceiling – we find the perfect solution for you.

Many people together in small rooms are producing a high noise level – this is causing stress for everybody. Stretch ceilings act as an invisible sound absorber with elegant look. Light ceilings create a pleasant room atmosphere!
Perfectly lighted offices promise effective work. Its easier to concentrate in a relaxing atmosphere.

VOCIL stretch ceilings deliver an elegant ceiling with an inconspicuous but effective lighting. There are many possibilities with light ceilings, there might even your logo/favourite picture be printed on the light ceiling!

Your advantages of a stretch ceiling compared with other ceilings

  • Clean and short installation time, a stretch ceiling might be installed during the normal working times
  • The most furniture in your office does not have to be moved
  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Small loss of room height
  • Great design and colour choice, logos might be printed on the ceilings
  • warranty – 10 years on the welding seams

Any questions to the installation of stretch ceilings in your offices and business premises?

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