Stretch ceiling - the perfect and simple solution for your attic!

Intend to enlarge your home and renovate your attic?
But you intend not to invest to much work?
There are many possibilities, you can choose between about 100 colours and surfaces.

Sloping roofs and old wooden ceilings are easy to integrate underneath your stretch ceiling.

Experience a new comfort underneath your roof.

Your advantages of a stretch ceiling compared with other ceilings:

  • Clean and short installation time
  • Sloping roofs are easy to integrate underneath your stretch ceiling 
  • Hygienical solution, fast and easy cleaning
  • Resistant to damp and humidity


  • No mould formation possible
  • Small loss of room hight
  • Great design and colour choice
  • Warranty – 10 years on the welding seams


Any questions to the installation of stretch ceilings in your attic?

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