Training courses for stretch ceiling installers

Stretch ceilings are still a market niche, even though they are more than 30 years on the market. But every client should get the possibility to get a stretch ceiling. Stretch ceilings will help you to get new clients. Selling and installing VOCIL stretch ceilings might help you to get more sales.

How to get your qualification for a professional stretch ceiling installer

Every crafts company might get a training to be a qualified stretch ceiling installer, no matter if you are an interior decorator, floor tiler, carpenter…. The high quality of a product can only be reached with a professional installation. The training ensures your reliability.

Our next training courses

Dates for the basic S1 courses in 2021

in 2022


Training procedure

Our training courses prepare you perfectly in planning, calculation, customer service and finally with the installation itself. You will receive a certificate at the end of the course. 

S1 basic training course, 2 days
Take part at this course together with 5 other participants and get to know the installation of stretch ceilings in theory and practice. Dates see above.

TS1 basic individual training course, 1 day
Training course held on 1 day, only for you (or max. 2 persons from the same company). Get to know the installation of stretch ceilings in theory and practice. Dates according arrangement.

Training begins always at 8 am until about 5 pm. Lunch is included, hotel room may be booked for you. 

The stretch ceilings are installed in very heated up rooms. Please mind to bring some spare clothes to change after the training.


  • How to work with profiles
  • Subconstructions for lighting and installation 
  • Stretching and unstretching of stretch ceilings 
  • Maintain and repare of stretch ceilings 


  • How to work with profiles (characteristics and range of application)
  • Knowledge of material and tools (spatulas….)
  • The right measurement
  • Calculation

Certified stretch ceiling installer

You will get a certificate after the stretch ceiling training whichs proofs your participation at a training course.

Training courses are absolutely necessary

You intend to offer your clients new products and want to gain more sales. But only happy customers will pay in time and recommend your company to their friends. So it is more than ever important to know how to handle new products. 

You will receive high quality products from VOCIL which need to be installed properly. After a training you will have the know-how to sell and install your stretch ceilings and you have direct access to order placement and supply from VOCIL.