Acoustic stretch ceiling

Acoustic & design

A ceiling effects the most important impression of an interior design. Today’s architecture uses reverberant elements like stone, concrete, glass and metal.

Perforated stretch ceilings meet technical needs but allow nether less open space for design.

It is your ceiling with an invisible sound absorption.

perfect room sound

for more approval of team members and students

reduced noise level

inivsible absorbtion

might even be used as a light ceiling

perfect lighting with perfect sound

silence and relaxation

reduce stress

Perfect sound in the room –

the invisible acoustic


Tested object:

-0,17 mm stretch ceiling foil “RENOLIT stretch ceiling””
– 20 mm gapt
– 80 mm mineral wool

The perfect acoustic for your office!

Many people working together in small offices, loud voices and background noise effects a high noise level! This might cause a higher stress level to many people.
Therefore: installing our acoustic stretch ceiling with the invisible acoustic absorption and nevertheless elegant look will help to reach a perfect room atmosphere.