VOCIL produces the PERFECT STRETCH CEILING for your next project

VOCIL is one of the leading producers of stretch ceilings in Germany. We ensure high quality in our production.

We have a big range of over 100 colours in 8 different surfaces. There are many classic designs up to modern colours, with VOCIL stretch ceilings you can reach unlimited possibilities. According to clients request, we produce the stretch ceilings suiting perfectly in your room. Because of the great formability of the foil, many forms and shapes may be realized. Every stretch ceiling shows its own nature but suits perfectly into every kind of architecture. Outer corners, sloping roofs or trapdoors in ceilings won’t be an obstacle. 

VOCIL stretch ceilings, no matter if matt or glossy, are the perfect building material for rooms with high humidity and they are perfect for bathrooms or homepools. Integrating the matching lighting in your new stretch ceiling, you will reach a great roomfeeling. 

Our Warranty – 10 years

We obtain the foils for our stretch ceilings from one of the leading producers in Germany. This grants for a sustainable and certified production process with remaining quality and 10 years warranty. Many different certificates proof the quality.

  • Fire safety of stretch ceilings according to DIN and DIN EN
  • Basic classification B for stretch ceilings at fire behaviour 
  • Smoke production: classification S2
  • The classification format for the reaction to fire with glowing droplet and smoke: d0

All different stretch ceilings:

Lacquered stretch ceilings/High gloss stretch ceilings

Glossy stretch ceilings, also known as lacquered stretch ceiling or high gloss stretch ceiling, impress with their special surface with a reflexion degree of about 95%.

Satined stretch ceilings/stretch ceilings matt

The classic – ensemble in matt! Simple elegance with perfect surface. Stretch ceilings in matt create a special room feeling and suit perfectly in every room.

Illustrated stretch ceilings / printed stretch ceilings

Design without limit – Not just a common picture on the wall! Bring your favourite motif on wall or ceiling – with a printed stretch ceiling! A printed stretch ceiling may change your room completely.

Light ceilings

Light ceilings - elegant ceilings with an inconspicuous lighting. The activated light ceiling brings a special highlight with the hidden lights in every room. The inactivated light ceiling shows a gently cloudy look.

Acoustic stretch ceilings

Perforated stretch ceilings meet technical needs but allow nether less open space for design. It is your ceiling with an invisible sound absorption.

Special forms

Special forms with stretch and light ceilings enable a fascinating architectonical design.

Advantages of a stretch ceiling installation

Your decision for VOCIL stretch ceilings

Our service for you

You might have many questions about stretch ceilings! We have the answers to your questions: Our competent team presents the perfect contact person for every subject. But we do not only advise on the phone. Our installation team is on the road for you.

More than just advise

There are many possibilities, which can be realised with stretch ceilings, but it needs to be well planned. Our CAD specialists can help with technical drawings or installation basics as well as with advise for measurement or planning special forms.


Every stretch ceiling is being produced individually for the required room. To grant the best result and high quality, a “technical Konfektionär” performs himself every step in the production.

Our warranty

We get our foils from one of the leading producers in Germany. This grants a sustainable and certified production process with remaining quality and 10 years warranty. Also, many attested certificates strengthen quality standards.

Your guaranty

Each stretch ceiling passes many recorded checking-stations and receives at the end a certificate which is handed out to you. This certifies that you have received a product “Made in Germany”.

Distribution in time

The big stock and the high production capacity grants you production and distribution in time. All stretch ceilings are manhandled packed and receive a transport protection before they are send on their way to you.