Stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings

VOCIL Germany produces your next stretch ceiling for your next project

VOCIL Germany is one of the leading producers of stretch ceilings in Germany. We can offer more than 100 colours and 8 different surfaces. Do you need a special solution for your project? Please let us know! Stretch ceilings offer limitless architectural possibilities, no matter if there are corners in the room, roof slopes, special light needed or acoustic demands which have to be observed.

Our guaranty

We only order our foils from one of the leading producer in Germany. This grants for a sustainable and certified producing process with a constant quality and 10 years warranty. Certified test reports even proof our good quality, such as fire protection DIN and DIN EN.

  •  Fire protection according to DIN and DIN EN.
  • Stretch ceilings have reached the classification „B“ requirement „reaction of fire“
  • Classification „S2“ regarding „smoke“
  • Classification „d0“ regarding „glowing drps“

Find the perfect stretch ceiling for your project

Different kinds of stretch ceilings.


A ceiling effects the most important impression of an interior design. It might be creative artwork, a simple, technical efficient room definition or a stylish, atmospheric finish. Your can choose between:

Lacquered stretch ceilings/High gloss stretch ceilings

Glossy stretch ceilings convice with a reflexion of over 95%.

Satined stretch ceilings/mat stretch ceilings


The classic design – matt coloured stretch ceiling

Matt colours on your ceiling give every room a special design, they give a soften impression with modern and light colours.

Illustrated stretch ceilings / printed stretch ceilings


Printed illuminated stretch ceilings are the very special top item at stretch ceilings.

We bring your favoured picture on your ceiling or on your wall.

Illuminated stretch ceilings

With illuminated stretch ceilings you will get a homogeneous lighting in your rooms.

Acoustic stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings with  acoustic foil offer a comfortable solution and design without Limits.

Special forms

Special forms with stretch ceilings or illuminated stretch ceilings offer a fascinating architectural design.

Advantages of a stretch ceiling installation

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Why should you choose a stretch ceiling from VOCIL

We certify quality: we produce our stretch ceilings with high quality foil from Renolit / Germany. Each stretch ceiling has to pass different quality tests and receives at the end a certificate.

Many years of experience and a qualified staff grant you support at every time of your project.

Trade partner portal

Take a look at our portal for trade partners. You will find in here all documents regarding certification, technical drawings or profiles, order lists, spec sheets, etc.