Heavenly bathroom design


... gives the bathroom a breath of fresh air

A VOCIL photo/light ceiling was used here as bathroom lighting. Due to the optical division, it looks like two windows towards the sky and subconsciously enlarges the bathroom.Printed light ceiling is a modern wall or ceiling design. Any motif can be printed on the stretch ceiling. Would you also like your photo as a wall or ceiling motif?We are happy to help.

A highlight in the hallway and stairwell

Spanndecke HG weiss

The white high gloss stretch ceiling has a reflectance  of more than 95%. The neutral colour is modern and classic at the same time.  A further highlight is set with our special profile LULED.

hallway and stairwell
private client

Stretch ceiling high gloss stretch ceiling  L5065 Cristal White
KADEC profile white covered  + LULED-light channel

Finished: March 2020

Technical dates:
size of the ceiling                      approx. 20m²
profile                                          KADEC aluminium profile white covered
harpoon                                      Uni-black
weight of the ceiling                approx.0,60 kg/m²
article                                         VOCIL L5065 Cristal White
stretch ceiling                           PVC 0,170 mm-width 200 cm- 215 cm
structure                                    smooth
surface                                       high gloss
colour                                         L5065
fire class                                    Bs1d0- DIN EN 13501
declaration                                A+- DIN EN 12149- DEVL1104875 ARRETE
                                                    100% recyclable