Feel comfortable at home

Spanndecke Matt-Glanz Wohnzimmer

The hot summertime is once more over… feel comfortable at home

Choose sublte colours for a comfortable atmosphere: cream and beige colours, earthy colours, rusty colours or even dark brown colours will change your ceiling into a cosy home.

Maybe you will even choose a ceiling with a printed automne picture.

Impressing View

Montageablauf_ Vorher+ Nachher_Lichtdecke bedruckt

personalized foto-ceiling

Montageablauf_ Vorher+ Nachher_Lichtdecke bedruckt Montageablauf_ Vorher+ Nachher_Lichtdecke bedruckt

Change your point of view and create yourself an impressing view with your favourite motife on your ceiling

You will find any information at VOCIL, we would love to advice you and find the nearest professional stretch ceiling installer close to your place.
This impressive example comes from our professional stretch installer: “Nils Meyer Spanndecken” 


Luminous ceiling for the International Day of Light

Tag des Lichts_VOCIL

Let yourself be enlightened

for the International Day of Light

Tag des Lichts_VOCIL Tag des Lichts_VOCIL

Our light ceilings

Lichtdecke RGB
Spanndecke Metallic, C6066 Copper_ + S8005 Lily White

With our VOCIL light ceilings, we conjure up an extra dose of feel-good atmosphere in every room.

Because in order to feel good, we all need a lot of daylight or pleasant room lighting. So it is the best way to literally “bring light into the darkness” in a room with little daylight with a backlit light stretch ceiling. Our light stretch ceilings are also very easy on the eyes, so you can look at them without being dazzled, as would be the case with many other lamps.

The installation is no problem for one of our trained specialist installers and can usually be installed at your place within 24 hours.

Before assembly, you have a wide range of options, we would be happy to advise you in detail. For example, the indirect lighting does not necessarily have to consist of a full-surface luminous ceiling. Light strips with LED lighting, which serve as a frame for an opaque stretch ceiling, would also be an option. Or a light ceiling in the frame, backlighting in RGB and much more… This gives you the freedom to help design your light source individually.

We would be happy to advise you in more detail or send you information material.

Heavenly bathroom design


... gives the bathroom a breath of fresh air

A VOCIL photo/light ceiling was used here as bathroom lighting. Due to the optical division, it looks like two windows towards the sky and subconsciously enlarges the bathroom.Printed light ceiling is a modern wall or ceiling design. Any motif can be printed on the stretch ceiling. Would you also like your photo as a wall or ceiling motif?We are happy to help.

Before After – Dream in beige

Vorher nachher
Montage Spanndecke HG

Are you looking for a solution for your ceiling?

With a stretch ceiling, a new feel-good ambience can be created in a very short time

Here, an old wooden ceiling has been transformed into a chic new beige dream ceiling in the bathroom. And since our stretch ceilings are moisture-resistant and mold spores and mold stains don’t have a chance, the VOCIL stretch ceiling is perfect for every bathroom! Water stains, limescale deposits or dirt stains can also be easily removed with a cleaner without much effort – this saves the annoying painting over years later.

2023 will be COLORFUL

VOCIL Spanndecken Grün

We wish you colourful easter holidays

two tone trend 2023

Who doesn’t know the Disney villain Cruellade Vil? But who would have thought that she and her two-tone Look to become the icon of today? According to the motto: two are better than one, the two-tone trend will always berequested. At the beginning of 2022, these we were already able to find this trend in some fashion companies. From the combination of complementary colors to the combination of natural colors, bright signal colors or the classic “Cruella black and white” – here you will find a colorfully divided mix!

VOCIL Spanndecken Gruen
Spanndecke HG schwarz

But not only the fashion industry, but also the two-tone furnishing is becoming more in demand  – colored ceilings that perfectly match the existing furnishings have been more popular than ever since last year. Tendency rising.

But why actually?

Why are colored ceilings becoming increasingly popular?

Especially the ceiling has a strong influence on the room effect. Coloured VOCIL stretch ceilings create atmosphere and set new living accents and bring comfort , a noble touch or even a  a sense of security. But pragmatics are also in the foreground, so ceilings that are too high can be optically reduced with a colored stretch ceiling and thus make the rooms look more comfortable, but ceilings that are too low can also be optically reduced very well  increase. In combination wall-ceiling it is even possible to compress or stretch the entire room.

VOCIL orange

VOCIL's variety of colors 2023

Farbkarte angedruckt
Farbkarte angedruckt
Farbkarte angedruckt

Inspire yourself with the VOCIL stretch ceiling colours: