Shiny entry of your home

Advantages of stretch ceilings
Stretch ceilings are easy to clean, resistant to heat and damp. Further more, a stretch ceiling seems to make your rooms larger because of the mirror effect. And you can match your ceiling colour in colour with your furnishing. Integrating lights in stretch ceilings is possible on many ways.


private client

Stretch ceiling / item No.
High gloss stretch ceiling  L5065 Cristal White
KADEC ceiling profile

Technical information:

size of stretch ceiling               approx. 9m²
profile                                          KADEC aluminium profile white covered
harpoon                                      Uni-black
surface weight                           approx.0,60 kg/m²
product                                       VOCIL L5065 Cristal White
stretch ceiling                            PVC 0,170 mm-width 200 cm- 215cm
surface                                        high gloss
colour                                          L5065
fire class                                      Bs1d0- DIN EN 13501
Declaration                                 A+- DIN EN 12149- DEVL1104875 ARRETE
                                                      100% recyclable

A matter of personal importance

VOCIL is one of the biggest stretch ceiling producer in Germany. From order – to planing – to shipment, we work carefully and exact in order to send you a perfect stretch ceiling.
Every stretch ceiling we produce, is a matter of personal importance for us
thats what we grant for!
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Our team enjoyed a great day!

This years excursion was once more a great day! We started off with a go-cart-race and celebrated  our results at lunchtime in the “Berghaus Rhön”. 


Enjoy creativity with stretch ceilings

Realise creativity, sophisticated aesthetics and a maximum of performance

Stretch ceilings affect every sense of room impression.

Stretch ceilings offer various creative designs: you might choose between glossy or matt stretch ceilings in many different colours as well as light ceilings with or without a print. You might also place LED profiles, to receive a homogeneous lighting.

Every stretch ceiling is produced carefully .

Metallorum Würzburg

A printed light ceiling for the  precious metal shop Metallorum in Würzburg

impressing with its exclusive print quality

In the salesroom of Metallorum was a printed light ceiling installed on the wall. The light ceiling isn’t just a high light, it is also lighting the room in a comfortable way.

Metallorum Würzburg

Stretch ceiling
Printed light ceiling Cristal Print T5320
KADEC ceiling profile
Finished: September 2021

Technical dates:

size of the ceiling                  approx. 5 m²
profiles                                    KADEC
harpoon                                  uni-black
weight of the ceiling             approx.0,60 kg/m²
article                                       VOCIL T5320 Cristal Print
stretch ceiling                         PVC 0,170 mm-width 200 cm- 215cm
structure                                  smooth
surface                                     matt
fire Class                                  Bs1d0- DIN EN 13501
declaration                              A+- DIN EN 12149- DEVL1104875 ARRETE
100% recyclable

VOCIL – your producer of stretch ceilings in Germany

We produce stretch ceilings, high gloss stretch ceilings, light ceilings, printed stretch ceilings and acoustic ceilings according to customers request. You can choose out of over 100 colours and surfaces – you will find the perfect ceiling for every object.

VOCIL stretch ceilings will create a very special feeling in all of your rooms. Your will find the perfect solution for every room without almost any limit to your design ideas.


Create your own wellness area

Design your wellness area and make it look perfect with stretch ceilings!

  • black gloss stretch ceilings will make your bathroom even shine in a high-quality look
  • white stretch ceilings give your wellness area a noble touch
  • printed light ceilings will set an absolutely highlight in your bath room

Stretch ceilings are waterproof and there won’t be any waterdrops even with high humidity as the material is adjusting to the room temperature.

Excitement for every room

No matter if living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, hallway….

…stretch ceilings fulfill your dream of new ceilings in every room of your home.

Every stretch ceiling is handmade especially produced for your room sizes and installed from qualified, professional staff.

Our certificate proofs you individual product warranty.

Highlight for your hallway

Need an inspiration for your small hallway? High gloss stretch ceilings combined with led light profiles will make your small hallway appear much larger. Create a real high light right at the entry of you home! It’s time to get a new design for your ceiling!