The best solution for every room

Design your individual living area!

Define open rooms with different ceiling surfaces or different coloured ceilings. For example: fit your kitchen with a high-gloss stretch ceiling and the living and dining area next to it with a matt stretch ceiling.

Room impression and feeling will change impressively after a stretch ceiling installation.

Set partitions with stretch ceilings

Define open rooms with different ceiling surfaces or different coloured ceilings.

Look and diversity of a stretch ceiling are great! No matter if classic or modern design, matt or high gloss, with over 100 colours and surfaces is there always a convenient stretch ceiling for your room.



May stretch ceilings be installed in every room?

Kitchen, bedroom, hallway or bathroom – stretch ceilings may be installed in almost every room.

Each stretch ceiling is an original, it will be produced individually according to your room size. And it doesn’t matter if you have rooms with many corners, curves, pillars or sloping roofs. Even technical equipment such as extractor hoods, air conditions or ventilation systems, pendants and spot lights might be installed.

Stretch ceilings in kitchen and dining room

Meeting point of every home is always the kitchen/dining room. Family members meet to eat together, to celebrate family parties or games evenings.
VOCIL stretch ceilings help to create a comfortable feeling in your home and complete your design with either matt or glossy stretch ceilings.The big range of colours makes it easy to find the perfect ceiling for a perfect home!

Stretch ceilings in bedrooms

Stretch ceilings are antistatic an dust proof, a great solution for allergic people.

Dust and dirt do not really stick on a stretch ceiling and therefore are stretch ceilings the best solution for sleeping rooms or children’s playrooms.

If you choose a white ceiling in your bedroom, we can recommend to take the Bio-Pruf™ film. The special Bio-Pruf™ material reduces the development and spread of microorganisms on both sides of the film surface.

Because of the low installation height of stretch ceilings, you can just cover an old room ceiling.


Upgrade your attic

Experience the advantages of stretch ceilings especially in dark attics. The possibility to create flexible shapes opens different solutions. High-gloss stretch ceilings seem to widen the room with the reflection effect.

Experience a new comfort underneath your roof.

Experience a new feeling in your home

The room seems to be much larger because of the mirror effect of the high gloss stretch ceiling. An effect, you won’t reach with other ceilings. Old and unsightly ceiling may just be covered. Expensive renovating and painting is not necessary any more.

This ceiling was designed with a high gloss stretch ceiling all around and a matt stretch ceiling in the middle.