individual solutions for every room ceiling

VOCIL is one of the biggest stretch ceiling producer in Germany. From order to planing to shipment, we work carefully and exact in order to send you a perfect stretch ceiling.

Find your preferred colour for your room.

Cut ins, round walls, pipes or cables on the ceiling, we will find the best solution.

You would like to have a print on your ceiling? We can send you proposals….

You won’t like to have spots or hanging lights on your ceiling? A special room light is needed? We know what to do!

Every stretch ceiling we produce, is a matter of personal importance.

Feel comfortable at home

The hot summertime is once more over… feel comfortable at home

Choose sublte colours for a comfortable atmosphere: cream and beige colours, earthy colours, rusty colours or even dark brown colours will change your ceiling into a cosy home.

Maybe you will even choose a ceiling with a printed automne picture.

What is a stretch ceiling

A special developped polymer film is cut according to your room measures and gets completed with a harpoon all around the film to a stretch ceiling. The stretch ceiling will be mounted on wall- or ceiling profiles in your room. Room and stretch ceilings get upheated, now the film can be stretched and installed in the profiles. A perfect smooth new ceiling is ready.

Similar to all ceiling systems there are technical components such as spots or pendants which van be integrated in the ceiling.

>And you have the choice: there’s no limit with 100 different design options!

Excitement in every room

Decent, coloured, glossy, printed or white structured – Every single room deserve a stretch ceiling!

Experience a new feeling at home…

Every stretch ceiling is handmade, specially produced for your room size and installed from qualified, professional staff.

Our certificate proofs your individual product warranty.

Stretch ceilings from VOCIL – best quality made in Germany.