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VOCILS top 5 tips against winter fatigue

Wusstest du
Lichtdecke Empfang

Bright rooms increase concentration

Dark rooms make unproductive

Winter approaches and the darkest season starts. Day by day we get less daylight. In the afternoon or in evening, many people find it increasingly difficult to stay focused and work productively. This is neither profitable for the company nor pleasant for the employees.

We present you today our TOP 6 tips to avoid winter fatigue.

Trick 1: Regelmäßige Pausen einlegen Trick 1: Take regular breaks

Back in 5 min

Ein simpler, aber wirkungsvoller Trick gegen Müdigkeit ist es, regelmäßige Pausen in Ihren Arbeitstag einzubauen. Je später die Stunde, umso wichtiger werden die kurzen Auszeiten. Bereits fünf Minuten pro Stunde können völlig ausreichend sein, um Ihnen neue Konzentration zu schenken und dadurch Ihre Produktivität wieder zu erhöhen.  A simple but effective trick against fatigue is to build regular breaks into your workday. In the afternoon, it is more important to make short breaks. Just five minutes an hour could be enough to give you new concentration and thereby increase your productivity again.

Trick 2: Take a power nap

Power napping can do small miracles when you are tired. We’re not talking about the hour-long nap from which you don’t really wake up for the rest of the day. Instead, lie back in your chair, close your eyes for ten minutes and sink into a short doze.

Bild 3

We would be happy to help you and your thoughts to let go with our Vocitex wall design and to dream into the distance – by the way – did you know that such short dream journeys stimulate creativity?

Trick 3: promote circulation with movement

Bild 4

Instead of a power nap, you can also avoid fatigue with exercises. This gets the circulation going, gets blood circulation in the brain and this increases your concentration again as well as productivity. Take small exercises that you can do at work – sometimes even while sitting, or a quick walk to the neighbour office to see a colleague or employee with whom you also have to discuss something.

Trick 4: Listen to the right music

The right background music can work wonders in many areas of life. Because some music is motivating and others relaxing. So if you find the right music for you in the early winter evenings, it can fight your fatigue and thereby increase productivity and happiness.

Bild 5

UTo avoid disturbing other employees, we can help you with a VOCIL acoustic stretch ceiling.

Trick 5: Save the simplest tasks

Bild 6

Most people make the mistake of checking their email or doing other simple tasks early in the morning because they consider them important or want to start the day “slowly”. But your brain is in top form in the morning hours. Therefore, do the most important and difficult tasks of the day immediately after the first cup of coffee or the first black tea. Then you can take it easy as soon as it gets dark outside and your concentration dwindles. At this point in time, the smaller tasks can be productively implemented despite the shortage.

Trick 6: Office with Vocil light ceiling

Everything in the office has been completely renovated and possibly even refurnished to increase productivity, but the lighting wasn’t considered? Bright rooms in particular increase alertness and concentration, and dark rooms make you and your employees tired, sluggish or even unproductive. We recommend that you equip the offices with luminous ceilings. The better and brighter illumination of the premises not only increases productivity in the evening hours, but also helps against any possible winter blues.

Bild 7

By the way: Even headaches caused by too bright or dazzling light can limit you or your employees productivity – no limits with the VOCIL light ceilings!

.....when will you face the darkness?

Flexible wall pictures – Restaurant “Stern”, Obererthal


We brought with VOCITEX, the innovative self-adhesive textile, fast and uncomplicated motives on the wall. The self-adhesive textile can be removed without any stains or might be replaced by a new picture. Every room gets that way its own special atmosphere.
➡ time saving – ready to install, self-adhesive


Gasthof Stern, Obererthal

VOCITEX self-adhesive “Clear”
“Rhön” motif

Finished: July 2022

Technical information:

Surface: slightly structured, tearproof, translucent
Characteristics: Sticks on the backside, self-adhesive
Product: VOCTEX by VOCIL “Clear”
Technical possibilities: max. 200 cm x 300cm
Colour: white, printed
Fire class: B1 tested
Condition base: dry, uni, smooth, free of grease and dust

More about VOCITEX :

Metal shop Würzburg, reception

VOCIL_Wandbespannung bedruckt

The printed light ceiling is impressing intensively on the wall at the reception. The extraordinary print quality provides the visitor with a three-dimensioal impression. The perfect lighting in the back brings the picture to life and makes the print to a real highlight.


Metallorum Würzburg

Stretch ceiling

Printed stretch ceiling on the wall with a diameter of 2200mm,
edged of a flat frame. Light ceiling T5077 Cristal White.
Lighting: LED 4000K.

Finished: August 2018

Technical dates:

Size of the ceiling: approx. 5 m²
Profiles: KADEC
Harpoon: Uni-schwarz
Weight of the ceiling: approx.0,60 KG/m²
Product: VOCIL T5077 Cristal White
Stretch ceiling: PVC 0,170 mm-Width 320 cm- 336cm
Structure:   smooth
Surface: matt
Fire class: Bs1d0- DIN EN 13501
Declaration: A+- DIN EN 12149- DEVL1104875 ARRETE
100% Recyclable

Light ceiling in the cafeteria – Schneider Frohnhausen

Lichtdecke LED dimmbar

Project information

Size of object: approx. 1800 m²
Light ceilings: approx. 160 m²
Profiles: LUDEC White Harpoon: Uni-black
Weight of stretch ceiling: approx.0,60 kg/m²
Product: VOCIL -T5077 Cristal white
Stretch ceiling: PVC 0,170 mm-width 200 cm – 215cm stretched
Structure: Supermatt
Surface: translucent
Colour: Classic White
Fire Class: Bs1d0- DIN EN 13501
Declaration: A+- DIN EN 12149- DEVL1104875 ARRETE
100% recyclable
Light system: LED VOCISTRIP 480/24- Pixel 60×60- CRI90
Light power:  LED 150 Lumen/ Watt – 4000 K

Light and acoustic for more comfort at work

Akustikdecken Matt weiss
Matt acoustic stretch ceilings – the ceiling with the invisible sound absorption.A ceiling effects the most important impression of an interior design. Today’s architecture uses reverberant elements like stone, concrete, glass and metal.Micro perforated stretch ceilings meet technical needs but allow netherless open space for design.

Offices and meeting rooms bank

Stretch ceiling
matt perforated F1010-P (white)
LUDEC ceilingsprofile

technical dates

Profiles: LUDEC aluminium profiles
Stretch ceiling: VOCIL F1010-P supermatt
PVC 0,170 mm – width 200 cm – 210 cm
Structure: satined / perforated
Colour: white
Surface: supermatt
Fire class: Bs1d0-Bs2d0 DIN EN 13501