Impressing View

Montageablauf_ Vorher+ Nachher_Lichtdecke bedruckt

personalized foto-ceiling

Montageablauf_ Vorher+ Nachher_Lichtdecke bedruckt Montageablauf_ Vorher+ Nachher_Lichtdecke bedruckt

Change your point of view and create yourself an impressing view with your favourite motife on your ceiling

You will find any information at VOCIL, we would love to advice you and find the nearest professional stretch ceiling installer close to your place.
This impressive example comes from our professional stretch installer: “Nils Meyer Spanndecken” 


Heavenly bathroom design


... gives the bathroom a breath of fresh air

A VOCIL photo/light ceiling was used here as bathroom lighting. Due to the optical division, it looks like two windows towards the sky and subconsciously enlarges the bathroom.Printed light ceiling is a modern wall or ceiling design. Any motif can be printed on the stretch ceiling. Would you also like your photo as a wall or ceiling motif?We are happy to help.

Exciting terrace possibilities


Can you hardly wait for the mild evenings under the starry sky?

Use the waiting time to equip your covered terrace or balcony with a stretch ceiling from VOCIL.

Here the canopy is equipped with a light ceiling, which also creates a pleasant daylight in the evening and invites everyone to sit outside and enjoy.

Did you know?
The VOCIL stretch ceilings are moisture-repellent, heat-resistant, mildew-resistant and colourfast! The perfect solution for indoors and outdoors.

The VOCIL stretch ceiling:

A real eye-catcher even during the day!

While there is no light ceiling on the terrace during the day and despite everything it brings a fresh and modern breeze - let's now turn our attention to the living/dining room design.

Here the warm, reddish-brown shimmering copper-colored VOCIL stretch ceiling gives the room a really noble touch.