sustainability – we care for it!

Did you already know?

Together with our leading German film supplier we are able to grant, that our certified stretch ceiling films include a recycled part of at least 20%.


Sustainability is very import for us! We collect all spare film parts and clippings, press them to cubes so they can be recycled afterwards in an environmentally friendly way.

Highlight and functionality

Stretch ceilings affect the impression of a room in any possible way.
Especially in public buildings may the aesthetic ceiling design create extraordinaire interior design. Creativity when planning and an innovating, flexible material in the perfomence are requested. Stretch ceilings offer many different possibilities.

Profis at work – our professional installers

VOCIL and partners show you exciting solutions for your rooms!
We produce with passion stretch ceilings for more than 20 years now and our network of professional installers all around Germany is getting bigger and bigger.
☑️ many years of experience & professional advice
☑️ professional installation –> warranty
☑️ sophisticated aesthetics & best quality
Together with our partners we grant for best quality „made in Germany“.

Have a look at our production

VOCIL producing THE PERFECT STRETCH CEILING for your next project


Every stretch ceiling is carefully produced  -we deliver high quality.

We don’t mind special wishes – the unlimited possibilities of stretch ceilings enables ceilings with a personal touch. Stretch ceilings with outer corners, cut-outs, sloping roofs, etc. can be produced without any problems.

We can convince with many years of experience and a great know-how in producing stretch ceilings.

Stretch ceilings on walls

Stretch ceilings may perfectly be used as wall paneling. Especially printed and backlighted stretch ceilings on walls may create a unique design and eyecatcher. 

– economy friendly
– design without limits
– fast installation
– acoustic protection
– long lifetime
– antistatic-perfect for allergic people

Stretch ceilings for the bathroom – the best solution

The special production procedure for stretch ceilings offers great conditions for damp and wet rooms. Stretch ceilings are waterproof and there won’t be any waterdrops even with high humidity as the material is adjusting to the room temperature.
Special effects might be reached with different light solutions, for example with LED light profiles.

Before – after pictures

Before – after
Best example to compare: redesign of a winter garden.
Every stretch ceiling is handmade and carefully produced according to your room measures. Old ceilings made of wood, plaster and concrete belong to the past with a fast and clean VOCIL stretch ceiling installation.

Homefeeling welcomes you!

Every corridor shows a first impression of your home. A stretch ceiling helps to get an inviting first impression. Even dark and small stairways might be upgraded with stretch ceilings.

You will get more comfort with VOCIL stretch ceilings.