How to get your new stretch ceiling

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The way to your new ceiling:
Just get in contact with us. We are pleased to advise you and show you all the possibilities:
– get informed about designs, colours…
– what colour would be your prefered one?
– what surface would be your prefered one? High gloss, Satine, matt, metallic…?
– what kind of room is to be designed?
– Any special wishes?
– Want to have any highlights ( printed stretch ceiling, light ceiling, ….)
– lighting: every room needs special light.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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20 years of experience


Training courses for the year 2022*

19.-20. January 2022
23.-24. February 2022
23.-24. March 2022
27.-28. April 2022
18.-19. May 2022
20.-21. July 2022
21.-22. September 2022
19.-20. October 2022
16.-17. November 2022
14.-15. December 2022

Every craft company may absolve a training to be a professional stretch ceiling installer.

Only the perfect installation of a stretch ceiling grants the quality of a stretch ceiling.

Further infomation to training courses

*Please mind: currently may dates be postponed because of the Corona pandemic. The current Corona rules have to be observed.

How much does a VOCIL stretch ceiling cost?

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Important points for a calculation:

  • the measures of the rooms are important
  • what is the purpose of this room, what is special?
  • what film/which material will be chosen (glossy, matt, satine, light ceiling)
  • how many corners?
  • Any circles on the ceiling/walls?
  • Are there any sloping roofs?
  • are there any cut-outs in the ceiling, for example for extractor hoods?
  • which profiles will be used?
  • which lighting will be chosen?
  • installation time

We will be happy to submit you our best offer. Please send/tell us all therefore all important information.


Improved shipment

Packing material needs to fulfill many different technical functions, such as product protection, transportability, storing and an easy handling. We use to improve regularly the technical characters of our packaging. But furthermore, it is more and more important to look for sustainability.

With our last improvement, we managed to reduce our wrapping material up to 20%.

We aim to reduce our wrapping material and to look for more sustainable wrapping solutions.

Shiny entry of your home

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Advantages of stretch ceilings
Stretch ceilings are easy to clean, resistant to heat and damp. Further more, a stretch ceiling seems to make your rooms larger because of the mirror effect. And you can match your ceiling colour in colour with your furnishing. Integrating lights in stretch ceilings is possible on many ways.


private client

Stretch ceiling / item No.
High gloss stretch ceiling  L5065 Cristal White
KADEC ceiling profile

Technical information:

size of stretch ceiling               approx. 9m²
profile                                          KADEC aluminium profile white covered
harpoon                                      Uni-black
surface weight                           approx.0,60 kg/m²
product                                       VOCIL L5065 Cristal White
stretch ceiling                            PVC 0,170 mm-width 200 cm- 215cm
surface                                        high gloss
colour                                          L5065
fire class                                      Bs1d0- DIN EN 13501
Declaration                                 A+- DIN EN 12149- DEVL1104875 ARRETE
                                                      100% recyclable

A matter of personal importance

VOCIL - herzenssache
VOCIL is one of the biggest stretch ceiling producer in Germany. From order – to planing – to shipment, we work carefully and exact in order to send you a perfect stretch ceiling.
Every stretch ceiling we produce, is a matter of personal importance for us
thats what we grant for!
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More information

Project Management


efficient and economical

Every single project will be managed with trained staff.

All over Europe.

VOCIL. One ceiling – one contact!

sustainability – we care for it!


Did you already know?

Together with our leading German film supplier we are able to grant, that our certified stretch ceiling films include a recycled part of at least 20%.


Sustainability is very import for us! We collect all spare film parts and clippings, press them to cubes so they can be recycled afterwards in an environmentally friendly way.

Highlight and functionality

VOCIL - wir setzen highlights

Stretch ceilings affect the impression of a room in any possible way.
Especially in public buildings may the aesthetic ceiling design create extraordinaire interior design. Creativity when planning and an innovating, flexible material in the perfomence are requested. Stretch ceilings offer many different possibilities.