glamorous welcome

Spanndecke HG weiss

Impress your guests with high gloss stretch ceilings in a glamorous hall…..

Furthermore…. a high gloss stretch ceiling seems to enlarge every room. Get a new highlight in your home.

Further advantages: stretch ceilings are easy to clean, resistent to humidity and heat. Spots, hanging lights or LED profile lighting are integrable in every stretch ceiling.

Your hall was just freshly painted ? Perfect! Stretch ceilings can be matched with every needed colour


2023 will be COLORFUL

VOCIL Spanndecken Grün

We wish you colourful easter holidays

two tone trend 2023

Who doesn’t know the Disney villain Cruellade Vil? But who would have thought that she and her two-tone Look to become the icon of today? According to the motto: two are better than one, the two-tone trend will always berequested. At the beginning of 2022, these we were already able to find this trend in some fashion companies. From the combination of complementary colors to the combination of natural colors, bright signal colors or the classic “Cruella black and white” – here you will find a colorfully divided mix!

VOCIL Spanndecken Gruen
Spanndecke HG schwarz

But not only the fashion industry, but also the two-tone furnishing is becoming more in demand  – colored ceilings that perfectly match the existing furnishings have been more popular than ever since last year. Tendency rising.

But why actually?

Why are colored ceilings becoming increasingly popular?

Especially the ceiling has a strong influence on the room effect. Coloured VOCIL stretch ceilings create atmosphere and set new living accents and bring comfort , a noble touch or even a  a sense of security. But pragmatics are also in the foreground, so ceilings that are too high can be optically reduced with a colored stretch ceiling and thus make the rooms look more comfortable, but ceilings that are too low can also be optically reduced very well  increase. In combination wall-ceiling it is even possible to compress or stretch the entire room.

VOCIL orange

VOCIL's variety of colors 2023

Farbkarte angedruckt
Farbkarte angedruckt
Farbkarte angedruckt

Inspire yourself with the VOCIL stretch ceiling colours:

Short ways of communication

Each stretch ceiling is made by hand and with a lot of care to suit the customer's wishes and the space requirements by us as the manufacturer and installed by our trained specialist installers on site throughout Germany.

It doesn't matter who the inquiry or advice is about - together we will find the perfect ceiling solution!

Are you interested in becoming a VOCIL specialist publisher?

Are you a craft business and interested in becoming a new VOCIL specialist laying company?

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Of course, we are happy to advise you personally on site, by phone or with our stay at home service via video chat.

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Are you planning a new building?
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Then you've come to the right place: With ceilings from VOCIL you can conjure up a special feel-good ambience in your rooms in no time at all.

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Metal shop Würzburg, reception

VOCIL_Wandbespannung bedruckt

The printed light ceiling is impressing intensively on the wall at the reception. The extraordinary print quality provides the visitor with a three-dimensioal impression. The perfect lighting in the back brings the picture to life and makes the print to a real highlight.


Metallorum Würzburg

Stretch ceiling

Printed stretch ceiling on the wall with a diameter of 2200mm,
edged of a flat frame. Light ceiling T5077 Cristal White.
Lighting: LED 4000K.

Finished: August 2018

Technical dates:

Size of the ceiling: approx. 5 m²
Profiles: KADEC
Harpoon: Uni-schwarz
Weight of the ceiling: approx.0,60 KG/m²
Product: VOCIL T5077 Cristal White
Stretch ceiling: PVC 0,170 mm-Width 320 cm- 336cm
Structure:   smooth
Surface: matt
Fire class: Bs1d0- DIN EN 13501
Declaration: A+- DIN EN 12149- DEVL1104875 ARRETE
100% Recyclable

Exciting designs for your wall


There are not only exciting motifs for your ceilings, but also for walls! Background lighting brings your motif to life and might create a 3-dimensional effect.


Exhibition room

Stretch ceiling
Printed light ceiling Cristal Print T5320

June 2015

Technical information:

Size of the ceiling: approx. 5 m²
Profiles: KAWAN W50
Harpoon: Uni black
Weight of the stretch ceiling: approx.0,60 kg/m²
Stretch ceiling: VOCIL T5320 Cristal Print, PVC 0,170 mm-width 200 cm- 215cm
Structure: smooth
Surface: matt
Fire class: Bs1d0- DIN EN 13501
Declaration: A+- DIN EN 12149- DEVL1104875 ARRETE
100% recyclable

SpeedSUN Beautylounge Giessen

VOCIL Lichtdecke bedruckt

In the innovative solarium with beauty- and body applications


was a printed light ceiling installed

The printed light ceiling with sky motif “opens” the room and creates an extraordinaire atmosphere.


SpeedSUN Gießen

Stretch ceiling
Printed light ceiling Cristal Print T5320
KADEC ceiling profile
finished: September 2013

technical data:

Size of the ceiling: approx. 6 m²
Profiles: KADEC
Harpoon: Uni-schwarz
Weight of the ceiling: approx.0,60 kg/m²
Stretch ceiling: VOCIL T5320 Cristal Print
PVC 0,170 mm-width 200 cm- 215cm
Structure: smooth
Surface: matt
Fire class: Bs1d0- DIN EN 13501
Declaration: A+- DIN EN 12149- DEVL1104875 ARRETE
100% recyclable

Metallorum Würzburg


A printed light ceiling for the  precious metal shop Metallorum in Würzburg

impressing with its exclusive print quality

In the salesroom of Metallorum was a printed light ceiling installed on the wall. The light ceiling isn’t just a high light, it is also lighting the room in a comfortable way.

Metallorum Würzburg

Stretch ceiling
Printed light ceiling Cristal Print T5320
KADEC ceiling profile
Finished: September 2021

Technical dates:

size of the ceiling                  approx. 5 m²
profiles                                    KADEC
harpoon                                  uni-black
weight of the ceiling             approx.0,60 kg/m²
article                                       VOCIL T5320 Cristal Print
stretch ceiling                         PVC 0,170 mm-width 200 cm- 215cm
structure                                  smooth
surface                                     matt
fire Class                                  Bs1d0- DIN EN 13501
declaration                              A+- DIN EN 12149- DEVL1104875 ARRETE
100% recyclable

Printed stretch ceilings

Lichtdecke bedruckt

Discover the possibilities with printed stretch ceilings

We bring your favourite motife on the wall or on the ceiling.

Nature, photos of your family, the companys logo, ornaments or the sunset of your last holidays…. you will create a special atmosphere with printed stretch ceilings.

The backlighting of the printed stretch ceilings brings a great lighting in the room. The great print-quality together with a great lighting you will get your favourite picture put in scene.



The innovative design

VOCITEX Stick – print – remove

The selfadhesive textile sticks on most even surfaces and can be removed and stuck again and again. VOCITEX my be printed and cut in shape however you want to design it. VOCITEX – the best choice to decorate shops, windows, reception areas and childrens rooms.

We would be very happy to send you our ready-printed brochure!