Luminous ceiling for the International Day of Light

Let yourself be enlightened

for the International Day of Light

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Our light ceilings

Lichtdecke RGB
Spanndecke Metallic, C6066 Copper_ + S8005 Lily White

With our VOCIL light ceilings, we conjure up an extra dose of feel-good atmosphere in every room.

Because in order to feel good, we all need a lot of daylight or pleasant room lighting. So it is the best way to literally “bring light into the darkness” in a room with little daylight with a backlit light stretch ceiling. Our light stretch ceilings are also very easy on the eyes, so you can look at them without being dazzled, as would be the case with many other lamps.

The installation is no problem for one of our trained specialist installers and can usually be installed at your place within 24 hours.

Before assembly, you have a wide range of options, we would be happy to advise you in detail. For example, the indirect lighting does not necessarily have to consist of a full-surface luminous ceiling. Light strips with LED lighting, which serve as a frame for an opaque stretch ceiling, would also be an option. Or a light ceiling in the frame, backlighting in RGB and much more… This gives you the freedom to help design your light source individually.

We would be happy to advise you in more detail or send you information material.