Flexible wall pictures – Restaurant “Stern”, Obererthal

We brought with VOCITEX, the innovative self-adhesive textile, fast and uncomplicated motives on the wall. The self-adhesive textile can be removed without any stains or might be replaced by a new picture. Every room gets that way its own special atmosphere.
➡ time saving – ready to install, self-adhesive


Gasthof Stern, Obererthal

VOCITEX self-adhesive “Clear”
“Rhön” motif

Finished: July 2022

Technical information:

Surface: slightly structured, tearproof, translucent
Characteristics: Sticks on the backside, self-adhesive
Product: VOCTEX by VOCIL “Clear”
Technical possibilities: max. 200 cm x 300cm
Colour: white, printed
Fire class: B1 tested
Condition base: dry, uni, smooth, free of grease and dust

More about VOCITEX : https://www.vocil.de/vocitex/