Private spa upgraded with stretch ceilings

A special highlight for this spa 🏊🏼‍♀️: the seamless, mirrorlike surface of the stretch ceiling seems to enlargen the room…. The picture 🌥️ on the wall is getting reflected on the stretch ceiling and appears therefore to be infinite.


Pool, Villa


High gloss stretch ceiling L5052 Galenit
LULED Alu-LED profile in in combination with LUKA-Diff diffusor
Finished: July 2022

Technical dates:

Size of the ceiling: approx. 50m²
Profiles: LULED aluminium profile
Harpoon: Uni-black
Weight of the stretch ceiling: approx.0,60 kg/m²
Product: VOCIL L5052 Galenit

Stretch ceiling:
PVC 0,170 mm-width 320 cm – 340 cm
Structure: smooth
Surface: High gloss
Colour: L5052
Fire class: Bs1d0- DIN EN 13501
Declaration: A+- DIN EN 12149- DEVL1104875 ARRETE
100% recyclable