Strech ceilings in the bathroom

Create your own wellness area!

Stretch ceilings are perfect for bath rooms. Stretch ceilings are waterproof and the material is adjusting to ambient temperature. So there won’t be any water droplets or mould growth.

A noble bathroom in white and black may be as fascinating as a bathoom in bright colours.

Express your own style and get a perfect bathroom with a matching ceiling.

Excitement in every room

Decent, coloured, glossy, printed or white structured – Every single room deserve a stretch ceiling!

Experience a new feeling at home…

Every stretch ceiling is handmade, specially produced for your room size and installed from qualified, professional staff.

Our certificate proofs your individual product warranty.

Stretch ceilings from VOCIL – best quality made in Germany.

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with VOCIL-stretch ceilings.
Happy shinning colours and colourful films up to discreet pastels – no limits to your creativity!
Our professional VOCIL-installer Thomas Engels has sent us this great picture of his stretch ceiling. Thank you very much.
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