HOW a stretch ceiling is getting produced

This is how a


is getting produced.
💁 Everything starts with a first scetch.

Important to know: the very correct measures of the room and amount of corners (inner and outer corners). Please mind: are there any circles, roundings, pillars or sloping roofs? What colour will you choose for your stretch ceiling?

Next step: the stretch ceiling is getting drawn by our planning office 👩‍💻. A digital drawing will be made and the stretch ceiling will be reduced according to empirical values. This is important to have the stretch ceiling suiting perfectly into the room.

The digital drawing will now be transmitted with laser to the production so that our team can cut the stretch ceiling now. ✂️

Next step: harpoon will be fixed (the harpoon is supposed to fix the stretch ceiling into the profile).

Quality checks: after fixing the harpoon, the stretch ceiling will be tested and checked. 🔎 When all quality checks are passed, the stretch ceiling receives a certificate. This certificate grants also for the 10-years-warranty📃.

Next step: Packing station!The stretch ceiling is getting packed and carefully wrapped to start its way to your professional stretch ceiling installer.

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