Stretch ceilings – with convincing advantages

Best lighting – light ceilings, light panels, hanging lights, spot lights…. so many possibilities, which might be even combined

Many design possibilities – because of many different surfaces and colours are more than a 100 possible solutions to be chosen

Rooms apear larger – glossy stretch ceilings seem to enlargen your rooms

Hidden technial solutions – light effects, sound systems, starry skies, etc., are easy to integrate

Flexible in form – sloping roofs, curvy ceilings, extended corners….so many possibilities

Fast installation – generally installed in only 1 day

Clean installation – installation without dirt and moving furniture

No additional work – no painting any more of the ceiling

Allergy information – stretch ceilings are antistatic when stretched

Long lifetime – with 10 years warranty

Stretch ceilings are resistent to humidity and heat – best solution for bathrooms and wellness-areas

Easy to remove – Stretch ceilings may be removed many times for reparations and maintance work